Residential Asbuilt Services

Residential Asbuilt

Working With You

Our licensed architects have worked with residential clients on their renovation projects, assisting them not only in creating asbuilt drawings, but also in providing architectural services when needed. We work with your contractors, interior designers, landscape designers, and other architects to produce an asbuilt drawing for your project. We understand how critical an accurate, complete drawing is to the success of your renovation or remodel and will provide you with the professional drawing you need.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience coordinating with HOA committees, local jurisdictions, and agencies, including the Historic Society to receive a Certificate of Appropriateness, and permitting.

Once a permit is retained, our staff works with and under the direction of the homeowner for bidding/ negotiation and to provide construction administration.

A principal from Texas Asbuilts is involved in every project and will work closely with you and your design team to make sure that your new home, remodel, or addition matches the design concept.