Professional Asbuilt Drawings

Buildings are built using architectural drawings. Asbuilt drawings represent the building as it currently exists – showing accurate, existing dimensions and conditions. They are not design drawings, which represent the intended layout of the building and are used when planning the initial construction. By showing the actual current layout of the building, asbuilts document renovations, updates and improvements to the building, facilitating planning for remodels and eliminating surprises during the construction. They are also used to document improvements for permits, leasing or purchase agreements, or to provide accurate building plans for archiving.

Texas Asbuilts’ team of licensed architects has the expertise to prepare accurate, detailed drawings of your building. As architects, we understand all aspects of the building and will ensure that your drawings meet the highest professional standards and fulfill your requirements, whether you are documenting the building to archive the drawing or preparing for an extensive renovation.

Why Use Asbuilts?

Over time, with remodels, improvements, and modifications, a building’s original drawings become outdated and inaccurate. Or, when drawings are required, it is discovered that they are missing or were not updated during construction to record changes.

Updated drawings are recommended before starting a renovation–and reputable construction firms will require them before a commercial renovation or an extensive home renovation. A professional asbuilt drawing will document the current condition and dimensions of the building and the space within it. By detailing the existing building spaces, the contractor will be forewarned about any potential issues and be able to develop a well-informed construction plan. Asbuilts costs between 1-2% of the total project costs, and can save over 10 times that much in cost overruns by identifying issues before they become problems.

Asbuilt drawings are often required for permit applications, lease agreements and legal documents to ensure that the building is accurately represented in the documents. Facilities managers use asbuilts to maintain current drawings for safety and maintenance planning.

Texas Asbuilts has the experience and expertise to prepare the detailed asbuilts you need, and, with a staff of licensed architects, we can prepare drawings that can be used for permits and construction.

Scope of Work

At Texas Asbuilts, we do more than just architectural Asbuilt surveys and drawings. Below is a list of some of the Asbuilt scope of work options that we can incorporate into your full survey.


Uses for Asbuilts

In the past, building drawings were rarely kept current due to the time required to hand-measure and draft a new building plan. As a result, asbuilts were more often created for a specific purpose, such as a renovation, addition, or a Certificate of Occupancy application. Today, with CAD software and electronic measuring programs, it is easier and more cost-effective to update and maintain current building drawings; digital storage capabilities make it easy to store, access, and revise drawings too.

At Texas Asbuilts, we provide you with the drawings you need and can update them regularly to reflect changes and improvements to your building. The uses for asbuilts are expanding as the technology improves and creating new plans becomes easier. When coupled with the real cost benefits of working from current building drawings for projects, asbuilts are more useful than ever.