Commercial Asbuilt Services

Texas Asbuilts has created asbuilt drawings for all types of commercial and industrial buildings, including retail stores, restaurants, offices, and warehouses. Our architects have worked with building owners, facility managers, engineers, contractors, and construction managers. We have experience in the commercial market, and have the capacity to create drawings for single or multi-site projects. We can prepare drawings for renovations, permits, safety planning, leasing, or purchasing documentation. Our services include:
  • Preparation of written proposal based on the information you provide us about your property and the project scope; delivered within 24 hours after your request.
  • Field visit after the proposal is accepted to view and measure the property. The length of the visit will depend on the size of the property and the complexity of the building.
  • Drafting the drawing and preparation of supporting documentation and agreed-upon project deliverables.
  • Delivery of final project files in the format you requested.
Most projects are completed within 8-12 business days, allowing you to begin planning your project and start construction.