Multi-Site Surveying

Multi-Site Surveying

As retail chains, restaurants, healthcare clinics, and other companies have expanded, they require an efficient, effective method to survey their existing buildings and report on the building layouts and conditions in order to manage maintenance and develop remodeling plans. In addition, they need the ability to review the condition of new locations in order to begin construction. Texas Asbuilts has the capabilities to perform on-site reviews of your locations throughout North America and, through our consolidated archive of your current drawings, work with your facilities, and construction managers to maintain and update your buildings.

Our Process

We offer a fixed project cost, so any extraordinary costs or expenses will not surprise you.

Working with your project team, we will:

  1. Develop a scope of work document, project plan, and master schedule for the site reviews. We will test the project plan and deliverables by surveying sample locations and adjust the plan based on the results.
  2. Conduct the survey of your properties.
  3. Provide feedback throughout the project, including progress, any issues identified, and any scheduling updates required. We will work with your project team to solve any problems to keep the project on schedule and on budget.
  4. Delivery of the asbuilt drawings, supporting documentation, and other project deliverables.

Once the project is completed, we will continue to work with your team to answer any questions, update documentation as needed, and ensure that the team is completely satisfied.